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"The animals you say were ‘sent’ For man’s free use and nutriment. Pray, then, inform me, and be candid Why came they aeons before Man did, To spend long centuries on earth Awaiting their devourer’s birth? Those ill-timed chattels, sent from heaven, Were, sure, the maddest gift e’er given – ‘sent’ for man’s use (can man believe it?) when there was no man to receive it!" Henry S. Salt 1851 – 1939
No Foie Gras

Established in 2006, we are committed to the removal of Foie Gras from restaurants and store shelves due to the cruel nature of the product. Foie Gras CANNOT be produced without causing immense suffering and distress. There is no such thing as cruelty free Foie Gras.

Please see
information on the realities of foie gras
and download a PLEDGE and fax to 0866 177 157.

Cape Town took part in the
1st annual World Day Against Foie Gras
in 2013

Foie Gras is singled out world wide due to it defining the worst excesses of human greed and self indulgence of the few for fleeting taste, regardless of the cruel and painful process involved.

80 million birds suffer and die annually on Foie Gras farms. Can you imagine how many starving humans could be fed with more than 1600 million kgs of food that is currently diverted for the FG industry each year? For many reasons, we should refrain from importing, buying, supplying and eating this socially irresponsible and cruel product.

The Foie Gras Assembly Line

96 FAQ'S  for the reasons behind animal rights vs animal welfare can be found here

Foie Gras production in Belgium

“It would indeed be the correct action to remove this item from the menu. It has been decided that it will be removed from all menus at the Table Bay going forward - this will include the Atlantic Grill. The Table Bay agrees entirely with the sentiments of your organization.”  The Table Bay Hotel Sep 2007

Master Chef Ralph van Pletzen and restaurateur Arnim von Achim agree, along with WC Premier Helen Zille, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate JM COetzee and many others, agree that Foie Gras should not appear on any table where there is a modicum of conscience.

While local importers defend the practice, independent research by some has resulted in a removal of stock from shelves. The Spar group and Fruit and Veg City / Food Lovers Market are amongst those who no longer sell FG, and the Conde Naste Best Hotel in the World, The Cape Grace, is in the company of the One and Only, the Table Bay, Sun City and South African Airways, all of whom pledged to remove FG from menus for good.

It is well documented that any method that achieves the aim of swelling the liver is going to entail extreme cruelty and suffering and the SPCA concurs. Increasing the liver to ten times the intended size must entail agonies.
See the Wall of Shame, celebrity supporters ,venue supporters and information on Foie Gras and the cruel and horrific collection method of feathers for duvets, pillows and the like.

Down and feathers are sourced in two ways; either from the bodies of slain ducks and geese intended for the table, or live plucking. The practice of live-plucking ducks and geese is standard on factory farms in countries such as China, Poland and Hungary, where approximately half of down and feathers have been live-plucked by experienced "rippers" who are paid piece-rate. A 2009 Swedish documentary reported that it might be as much as 50–80% of the total supply, a figure supported an industry representative. Live plucking is exactly what it sounds like: a goose or duck is held down by their neck or wings as the “targeted feathers” are torn from their skin. When the skin rips during this process it is sewn up with a straight needle (no analgesic or sterilization used) and the bird is left to recover before the next “harvest of feathers.” This process is repeated every 6-7 weeks before the bird’s eventual slaughter (or death from the trauma of the plucking process itself). Foie Gras birds, gray geese, are subjected to live plucking and being force fed, in Hungary, in particular.

While we most strongly RECOMMEND natural fibres such as cotton, hemp, bamboo or manmade fibres for filling, we recognise that getting suppliers to offer ONLY certified products guarenteeing that feathers and down used are not live plucked, may help end the market for suppliers, as there will, for the foreseeable future be a market for down and feather bedding.

So we are pleased to start with a list of suppliers who offer products approved by the EDFA = European Down and Feather Association, which since its introduction, means suppliers must certify that their products come from slaughtered animals or that feather collection has taken place during moulting in accordance with the applicable legislation. To check the accuracy of this information, regular audits are carried out by neutral experts or organisations.

These outlets carry only EDFA approved bedding lines.
GRANNY GOOSE HQ 021 982 7890 ( On the supervisory board Int Down & Feather Bureau)
KLOPPERS GEORGE 044 802 3900
KLOPPERS KNYSNA  044 302 7800
LINEN & BATH 016 931 1953
LIFSON LINEN 021 448 5703
LINENS 043 726 0000
LOVE OF LINEN BEDSTORE  044 533 3146 /76
LINEN CABIN 011 728 6056
SEDGARS 016 422 3804
THE LINEN BASKET 011 444 6444
THE SNOOZZZZZ SHOP  011 435 9206

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